• Construction Updates


Works at Haverhill Road

The new roundabout at Haverhill Road is due to be opened on the 23rd of March 2022.

The roundabout will provide access for both construction vehicles and residents to the site known as “The Parklands”.

The first new homes at “The Parklands” are due to be completed and handed over to customers from 25 March 2022.

The separate temporary construction and temporary sales accesses which are in place along the Haverhill Road are due to be removed in the coming weeks, allowing the landscaping in these areas to be completed in line with the approved plans.

Works at Chalkstone Way

Construction for the new roundabout at Chalkstone Way and Millfields Way will begin on 28th March 2022 and will happen in three phases.

Phase 1
Three-way temporary traffic lights will be installed on 28th March 2022 at Chalkstone Way and Millfields Way. These will be in place for five weeks.

Phase 2
From 5th May 2022 the top section of Millfields Way will be closed for five weeks. Two-way temporary traffic lights will operate on Chalkstone Way.

Phase 3
Three-way traffic lights will be in place until 10th June 2022 whilst the construction of the roundabout is finished and resurfacing works take place.

Between 14th June 2022 and 5th July 2022, a new footpath will be installed further along Chalkstone Way.
The construction will be managed by Redrow’s contractor, Anderson Group. A letter from the Anderson Group which details the works along with contact details is available in the newsletter section of the website.

The first new homes “The Hawthorns” are scheduled to be completed and occupied following the completion of the Chalkstone Way roundabout works.

Newsletters and other construction documents

To date, Redrow has sent three newsletters to the local community informing them of key construction activity. As we move forward with the construction, this website will become the main point of information for updates. To find out what is happening, please see below.